A learning platform for a global community of women entrepreneurs and innovators. Businesswoman Web provides a network, a platform, multiple sources of collaboration and rapid-learning to entrepreneurs and innovators who are committed to building successful companies.

Connect Instantly, Keep Climbing

Surround yourself with a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs and innovators who, like you are prepared to learn, engage, share insights and ultimately build your professional network unlike ever before.

Connect With Fellow Founders & Entrepreneurs

Our initiative is to connect a global community of women entrepreneurs and innovators with each other so that your support system becomes strong and supportive during your entrepreneurial journeys.

Real-Time Learning At Any Stage Of The Startup Journey

Need a developer? Stuck on marketing? Not sure what a cap table looks like? Businesswoman Web lets you plug into our real-time learning and engagement environment with our desktop and mobile experience to all members.

Daily Connection With Fellow Entrepreneurs

Businesswoman Web is an exclusive professional network for women entrepreneurs who mean business. You can ask a tough question, give support to others and gain access to our exclusive courses and partner offers designed specifically to help you launch those ideas and grow your businesses.

A Job Board That Gets You Hired

Whether you’re looking for a gig yourself, or you’re a Founder and you’re looking for entrepreneur and innovators alike to come help you build your company during the early stages, look no further. We have companies that have literally hired half their companies from WWS members. Another powerful feature is to Find a co-founder, every founder wants to find others who want to dig in and come build great companies, we help connect you with people who are built for the load of starting up.